Top stories of the week March 12-18

  1. APWU: Final Payment of 1.6.b Global Settlement Remedy Agreement in Checks this Week
    APWU News
  2. Postal Reform Measure Approved by House Oversight Committee
  3. OPM: Don’t Fall For a Fake Retirement Scam
    Office of Personnel Management
  4. Video: Colorado postal worker accused of faking cancer so she could use sick leave
    KMGH TV Denver
  5. Florida Letter Carrier Convicted of Access Device Fraud and Aggravated Identity Theft
  6. USPS employee data among millions of records leaked from huge US corporate database
  7. Bang-Up Job: USPS Blames New Employees for Rising Motor Vehicle Accidents
    Dead Tree Edition
  8. Video: CCA fired over dumped mail in Dallas creek bed
    WFAA TV Dallas
  9. Video: Mail truck caught parking in handicap spot
    WBBH Fort Myers
  10. Union-Busting House Bill Would Silence the Voice of Workers, AFGE Says