Video: Colorado postal worker accused of faking cancer so she could use sick leave

Denver7 reporter Molly Hendrickson tells us a United States Postal Service employee is facing a number of fraud charges in connection to allegations that she faked a cancer diagnosis in order to use hundreds of hours of sick time.

Source: Affidavit: Postal worker forged doctor’s notes, faked cancer diagnosis to use sick time – 7NEWS Denver

  • S R Edney

    The Postal service only gives sick leave payments to earned sick leave. The sick leave belongs to the postal worker. They are, probably, being charged with fraud rather than theft and there is mo taxpayer money involved because the Postal Service is self supporting. The Postal Service hasn’t received tax money since 1981.

  • Greg

    The bigger issue isn’t if the sick leave belonged to this piece of garbage.
    She committed fraud by forging documents and violated the rules governing the use of sick leave. I hope she spends the remainder of her life in prison.

  • postalnews

    “Taxpayer money” has nothing to do with it. The sick leave you’ve earned doesn’t “belong” to you- it’s a benefit paid by the USPS for use when you’re sick. If you claim sick leave fraudulently, you’re stealing money from the USPS, which is a federal agency, which makes it a federal crime!