Nearly 300 in Richmond join lawsuit against USPS over time card manipulation

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) -Lawyers filed a collective action complaint with about 40 plaintiffs in federal court on Monday. It claims Post Office management “required…mail carriers to work ‘off the clock’ without compensation in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

It further claims that employee time cards “have been deleted and/or altered by supervisors and management to reduce the total number of recorded hours worked and paid in a given day and/or week.” All, the suit claims, to avoid the expense of overtime.

It claims management received bonuses as an incentive to keep overtime low and that the USPS has cut staffing and labor costs by $10 billion over the past decade.

This filing is actually a companion lawsuit to one filed last month in Federal court claiming the same things, except it specifically targets the Richmond main post office on Brook Road. That’s where the allegations first surfaced with 21-year-old letter carrier Shekeera Greene.

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  • miserableoldfart

    Very hard to even tell when it happens, since the employee doesn’t have a time card to look at since they went to a card system. Employees who have the patience, can write down their clock rings, and check them against their pay stubs, but most don’t. If time theft is a common practice in a place with union stewards watching, think how much they’re getting away with in the private sector, in non union work places. Our labor laws are disgustingly weak, and the penalties for theft from employees are a joke.

  • greg

    I write down my OT everyday; its called trust but verify!