Video shows postal worker stuffing mail down sweatpants

The former Springfield postal worker found guilty of stuffing mail down her sweatpants more than a 100 times was sentenced Monday in Dayton’s U.S. District Court to five months in prison.

Leanna Heskett, 47, had pleaded no contest to one count of delay or destruction of mail — a count that has maximum sentences of five years in federal prison and a $250,000 fine.

Surveillance video obtained by this news organization shows Heskett repeatedly putting packages down her sweatpants, which were often covered by an apron.

Source: Video shows postal worker stuffing mail down sweatpants

  • Marcus1956

    I hope she gets the full fine and sentence.

  • Postal Peter

    She will get no jail time,just probation a fine and pay restitution.

  • common sense

    Yup, and rightly so! That’s pretty standard for a first non-violent offense. Of course, she’s also ruined her life as far as ever getting as good a job and pension. Throw her in jail and it’ll just cost the taxpayer more, and it won’t provide a deterrent to anyone. For a deterrent to work, the criminal has to think there’s a good chance she’ll get caught. These idiots never think they’ll get caught!