Stidman says postal unions support reform bill to help “sell their health insurance plans”

Jerry Stidman, who ran an unsuccessful campaign for APWU National President last year, has accused the APWU and the other postal unions of supporting the latest postal reform bill in order to boost sales of their union sponsored health insurance plans.

From the 21st Century Postal Worker web site:

I want to state my personal opposition to H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. This is a major concession on postal reform and one that will hurt all federal employees.

It would appear the unions of the post office have adopted support of this legislation to improve their ability to sell their health insurance plans.

I encourage all who follow, the members of all four postal unions and all who support a truly public post office to stand against H.R. 756 as well. This proposed legislation is not in the best interests of individual postal workers, customers of the post office, or those who support organized labor.

Read the full story: Statement on the 2016 APWU National Election by Jerry Stidman – 21st Century Postal Worker

  • Ted Spiro

    First of all no estimates of how

  • Ted Spiro

    First of all there is no estimate of what the Premiums would be for NALC plan. I read in the legislation that postal workers and retirees age 65 would be required to enroll in medicare and Part D RX. You would think that more options would be available such as a Medicare Advantage option. USPS currently pays 13,068 a year for 75% of the premiums. I say we should be able to suspend coverage under FEHB and enroll under Medicare Advantage with the Postal Service paying 100% of mine and my spouse Medicare Premiums. That cost would be $268 a month currently or $3216 a year. The Post Office would save $9,856 a year. Our Health care insurance cost would be zero. Medicare Advantage is a great plan for those Retirees who have Financial Assets and not only that but here I can see the same doctors as NALC Plan. My own estimate is that NALC would cost $220 for a family plan per month with $268 Medicare plus ……yes they are forcing you to pay the Part D Medicare RX premiums at a cost of at least $85 a month per couple. Your cost would be $568 a month for a couple and MY plan would be $268 a month. My estimate is that after 20 Years we would have if set aside $70,000 in a stock account with the money we saved by paying less. We would also have Dividends coming in off it that would pay. 100% coverage is for the weak minded, chicken hearted who are scared of their own shadow.

  • sonia hernandez

    You don’t know what your saying. You have n idea how difficult it is to find a doctor who accepts medicare.