Top stories of the week February 5-11

The most read stories on this week:

  1. Trump civil service “reforms” could include outlawing federal employee unions
    Government Executive
  2. Detailed Summary of the Oversight Committee Postal Reform bill
  3. Video: Mailman doing donuts in the snow with LLV
  4. APWU calls postal reform bill “a positive step forward”
    APWU News
  5. USPS Reports Fiscal Year 2017 First Quarter Results
    USPS News
  6. PMG supports bi-partisan postal reform bill
  7. NAPS supports House Oversight Committee’s postal reform bill
    National Association of Postal Supervisors
  8. Florida mail dumper sentenced to 3 years probation
  9. Testimony from today’s hearing on HR 756 postal reform bill
  10. Pennsylvania PMR Charged With Misappropriation Of Postal Funds