Top stories of the week January 29- February 4

The most read stories of the week:

  1. OMB exempts USPS from Trump hiring freeze
  2. Trump calls for “dramatic” cuts to feds’ retirement, health benefits
    Government Executive
  3. Does the Trump order on regulations affect the USPS? Who knows!
  4. Bi-partisan postal reform bill introduced in the House
    House Oversight Committee
  5. NARFE Urges Opposition to House Postal Reform Bill
  6. Video: Ditched mail found inside abandoned building in St. Louis
    KDSK St Louis
  7. Video: USPS won’t deliver cancer patient’s medication because of snow
  8. Mailing Industry Offers Support for Postal Reform Act of 2017
    Coalition for a 21st Century Postal Service
  9. GOP bill would eliminate union representation and other protections for new postal workers
  10. Florida postal workers prosecuted for conspiracy, fraud, theft
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