Top stories of the week January 22-28

  1. Update: No exception for USPS in Trump hiring freeze order
  2. Trump calls for “dramatic” cuts to feds’ retirement, health benefits
    Government Executive
  3. Trump freezes hiring of all federal employees “except the military”
    Washington Post
  4. NAPS: USPS has “reached out” to Trump on hiring freeze
  5. NALC tells members Trump freeze shouldn’t affect CCA conversions
  6. GOP bill would eliminate union representation and other protections for new postal workers
  7. Text of Presidential Memorandum Regarding the Hiring Freeze
  8. USPS numbers add up to busy season
    USPS News Link
  9. Share of U.S. Workers in Unions Falls to Lowest Level on Record
    Wall Street Journal
  10. Michigan letter carrier gets year in prison for stealing from the mail

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