NALC tells members Trump freeze shouldn’t affect CCA conversions

The National Association of Letter Carriers told members yesterday that it was in discussions with postal management over what effect, if any, the hiring freeze ordered by Donald Trump would have on letter carriers.

In a message sent via the NALC member smartphone app, the union said that while the parties were still unsure of the possible impacts, the NALC is confident that the order would not prevent contractually required CCA conversions, based on a line in the order stating that it does not abrogate any existing collective bargaining agreements in effect on January 22.

The USPS and its unions have yet to make any public statements on the freeze.

  • tabletman

    I thought NALC contract exspired and there working on signing new contract any month now. The NPMHU contract going to be sign in couple weeks. Only the APWU have a sign new contract signed and agree on until Sept. 2018. So is this hiring freeze going to effect each of 3 uninion crafts differently ? What about EAS employees also?

  • Debbie Dammann

    Rural carriers have a signed contract

  • postalnews

    All of the unions have contracts that are “in effect”. All of the contracts say that they will continue in effect after expiration unless a new agreement is reached, or one or the other party decides to terminate it.

    That doesn’t really affect a hiring freeze- I don’t know of any provisions in any of the contracts that require hiring. Converting an employee from one status to another isn’t a new hire.

  • postalnews

    Those contracts are still in effect- otherwise, you can bet the USPS would have lowered your pay and notified you that your working conditions were changing! Contracts remain in effect until a new contract is agreed to, or one side or the other moves to terminate the agreement.

  • JG4

    keep in mind signed contracts mean nothing to Trump….he has always done what he pleases

  • Lukasdik

    Westchester District will not make any CCA’s regular in 2017
    as per our orders from DM

  • Mail Slug

    But since the NALC still doesn’t even have a tentative agreement there are no provisions for making CCA’s into career employee’s until it is wrtten into the new contract,whenever that will be as it doesn’t seem as though getting the next contract resolved is a priority for the NALC.In the NPMHU tentative agreement,it says all MHA’s with 2 years service will become career regular employees.

  • Zeus

    Yeah any month now for the NALC,it will probably be summer before they get around to getting their new contract resolved.As far EAS goes,it would mean they couldn’t from outside to fill positions.

  • Mail Slug

    Only Congress can void the union contracts through a bill and you can be sure Ryan and Issa are working on it now in a “reform bill”.

  • john_crane63

    NALC will sell out the cca’s if they can gain something,then they will say they tried but it was out of their control

  • YeahRight

    Funny, it seems that the NALC actually sold out the regulars in the last crappy contract that was “arbitrated”. Nice excuse NALC.


    You”re exactly right on NALC seeming to have no urgency in getting a new contract. Leaders of the NALC will keep getting their salaries and benefits while the membership funds it with increased dues. Keep up the excellent work leadership!!

  • postalnews

    The CCA conversion provisions are in the existing contract, which is in effect until a new agreement is reached. If contract provisions disappeared when the contract expired, CCA conversions would be the least of your worries.

  • Dannycord

    No mandated time line though, you know management would love a office filled with low payed ccas and this is the excuse they need to do it. The real problem in my office at the moment is the 5 day break. Ccas are technically fired and rehired. So as it stands they can’t return from break

  • burger king

    they started talking last March I think it was and here it is January now and still no sign of a contract. I would bet it will go to arbitration like it always does and maybe in about a year we will have a new contract. I don’t even know why they bother with trying to negotiate a new contract

  • postalnews

    The freeze affects hiring, not a change in employment status. If there’s “no mandated timeline” now, there was no was “no mandated timeline” before either- but somehow CCAs were converted. The freeze doesn’t change that. The issue, as I’ve pointed out before, is hiring, whether its off the street, or after the break.