Vancouver stamp collectors reap benefits of unique Canada Post stamp machine

A 24/7 kiosk in Vancouver, which dispenses stamps with images of Group of Seven paintings, was set up to make it more convenient to buy stamps at any hour.

The Canada Post 24/7 kiosk allows customers to print stamps in four denominations.

But collectors have flocked to the machine, recognizing that the stamps it prints are rare and only available from that machine. Added to that, the technology sometimes malfunctions and prints a stamp with an error on it, increasing its value even more.

“As soon as you hear about something through the grapevine or just hear about some unannounced new Canada Post undertaking it’s usually worth your while to go over and take a flyer on buying up a batch of them as soon as they come out,” said Andrew Blanchard who operates Weeda Stamps in Victoria, B.C. and has printed $15,000 worth of the stamps. “I mean if they don’t go up in value I can always use them on parcel post.”

Source: B.C. stamp collectors reap benefits of unique Canada Post stamp machine – British Columbia – CBC News

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