Top stories of the week January 15-21

  1. Beloved Northbrook mail carrier dies on job
    Northbrook Star
  2. Florida county to pay letter carrier $80K for false arrest
  3. Video: USPS carrier knocks down mailbox, customer wants answers
  4. Trump eyes 10 percent spending cuts, 20 percent slash of federal workers
    Fox News
  5. Postal Service disavows Robert E. Lee notice on Springdale AR office
    Arkansas Online

  6. GOP bill would eliminate union representation and other protections for new postal workers
  7. Illinois postman charged after credit cards missing on his route
    Chicago Tribune
  8. Video: Mailman’s Nose Broken During Attempted Robbery In The Bronx
    CBS New York
  9. Trump’s lease of Washington’s Old Post Office raises ethics issues
    New York Times
  10. USPS closes retail units in Downtown Los Angeles due to anti-Trump demonstrations
    USPS Industry Alert