USPS quietly raises price of “forever” stamps

Linn’s Stamp News correspondent Bill McAllister reports that the US Postal Service isn’t exactly going out of its way to remind retail customers that it’s increasing the price of “forever” stamps:

The 49¢ first-class stamp returns to the nation’s post offices Jan. 22.

So do a number of other price changes that are well-known to the mailing industry, but perhaps unknown to the general public.

The reason: neither the United States Postal Service nor the Postal Regulatory Commission, which approved the higher prices on Nov. 15, 2016, issued a news release announcing the changes.

The USPS did issue an “industry alert” advising commercial mailers of the coming changes.

When asked why the Postal Service did not issue a news release on the upcoming changes, postal spokeswoman Katina Fields told Linn’s: “I can’t speak for the PRC, but it has been our practice over the past few years to only send out a release when we file with the PRC our proposed annual price changes.”

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Read the USPS announcement from last October.

  • KC Swiss

    I guess the local and national news and folks at Costco selling stamps let the cat out of the bag; real sneaky

  • NothingSound

    People that know about the price change are coming in and buying an extra book of stamps to save money. Wow, look at you saving 40 cents. It would take me 5 years to go through an entire book of stamps. Maybe longer.