Top stories of the week January 1-7

  1. GOP bill would eliminate union representation and other protections for new postal workers
  2. Congressional Republicans adopt rule that could slash feds’ pay
  3. USPS gears up for another busy year
    USPS News Link
  4. Video: Mail carrier tries to save packages from being stolen
    WATE Knoxville
  5. Texas postal worker faces five years in prison for working as a personal trainer while collecting workers comp
  6. USPS to halt retail sales at Staples stores, APWU to drop boycott
    Washington Post
  7. Inspectors hit the streets to help carriers
    USPS News Link
  8. Woman expecting toy shipment gets seven pounds of marijuana in the mail
    WTEN Albany NY
  9. Surface Visibility program expands
    USPS News Link
  10. Video: Mailman Builds A Ramp So An Old Dog On His Route Can Still Greet Him
    Boulder Daily Camera