Top stories of the year 2016

  1. Police say Long Island CCA went on $4,800 Nordstrom’s shopping spree with stolen credit card
  2. Video: Unmarked NYPD cruiser nearly hits letter carrier- cops arrest him after he complains
    DNAInfo, NY Daily News
  3. Three postal workers found dead inside Lincoln, Nebraska home
  4. USPS, rural carriers reach tentative contract agreement
  5. USPS non-career turnover rate doubles- most CCAs don’t last a year
  6. Video: Mail carrier recovering after being attacked with acid, $25,000 reward offered
    WREG TV Memphis
  7. USPS awards contracts for next generation delivery vehicle prototypes
    USPS News
  8. With no one in charge, 9 things the USPS can no longer do as of December 8
  9. Significant victory for NALC in national arbitration award
    NALC News
  10. APWU Contract Arbitration Award Announced
    APWU News