Video: Footage shows mail carrier chucking package onto Alabama man’s doorstep

A Jefferson County man’s surveillance camera captures glaring images of a mail carrier chucking a package onto his doorstep. In a story you’ll see only on CBS42, one man who we are going to keep anonymous says he wants this to be a constructive lesson.

He has a doorbell camera that is motion activated and he didn’t realize anything was wrong until reviewing the footage. That’s when he saw the delivery where the postal worker walks up almost to the porch and then chucks his package like a Frisbee.

He says what he ordered was thankfully not damaged, but it very well could have been.

Source: Footage shows mail carrier chucking package onto Jefferson County man’s doorstep

  • Lee Roloff

    Pretty lazy, plus walking on the lawn shows no respect for property.

  • stupid idiot

    they can cut any lawn unless its in writing not to . more than likely a cca . why don’t the news do a story how the carrier is constantly pushed by management to perform 12 hours of work into 8 . there bullied everyday

  • anangrylettercarrier

    That camera lens makes the distance look much further than it actually is. I’ll admit that she maybe tossed it a little too far. But people, really, if you don’t think that the package went through worse than that to get to the carrier in the first place, why don’t you get a job at the Post Office for a while and see what reality is. If clerks brought every parcel to our work stations and set them down gently you would wait an extra day or two for that parcel to be delivered.

  • Troy Jelley

    When you deliver as many packages as we do now you can tell by the weight, balance, markings, etc… whether or not the contents inside need to be handled more carefully. All of mine are thrown about 10-15 feet when sorted because of where my hamper is located. Heavy packages thrown on top of everything else and so on. And if you’re worried about somebody walking on your grass in the winter while we’re overburdened take your happy butt to the store and get it yourself. Everybody is so quick to judge while most of us were logging over 70 hours a week in December to get the job done!