Augusta GA neighbors want answers after video catches mailman throwing package

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — An Augusta couple is looking for answers after surveillance cameras catch a mailman throwing a package at their door.

They say it’s not the first time they’ve had this kind of trouble, but now they have the incident on tape.

“After I saw it the first time, I couldn’t believe he still has a job.”

Matthew Sherrill couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His home surveillance video catching a mailman, just off camera, tossing a package like a piece of garbage at his Augusta home.

“I’ve gotten wrong mail before, it happens quite frequently,” Sherrill says. “But when I saw them throwing my mail, I was disgusted when I saw it. It’s really, really shameful to see something like that.”

Source: Augusta neighbors want answers after home video catches mailman throwing package during delivery

  • Robert Welch

    You have got to be kidding. Matthew Sherrill should be ashamed of himself. He states that there was no damage to his package, and he can’t even prove the package was labeled fragile, yet this is enought for him to call the local news. It must have been a really, really, really slow news day for this station for them to send a reporter to do this story. The mailman’s job is to get the package to the customer safely and undamaged. He did his job. End of story.