Video: Wichita neighborhood is without mail for five months

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) For one Wichita neighborhood, it’s been a frustrating five months.

“I’m not against the people that work at the post office. They have a job to do. It’s the system that has failed.”

Kent Peters lives in that neighborhood and called FactFinder 12 when he couldn’t get answers as to why three blocks of homes haven’t received mail in five months.He said the initial notice was clear.

“We received a notice probably back in June that the mail carrier had said he was threatened by a dog,” Peters said. “The next time we received a letter right before fourth of July. That’s when service was cut off.”

Source: FF12: Wichita neighborhood is without mail for five months

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    Standard response to a Dog complaint. The block the Dog is on and one block more in both directions. Until the Dog issue is resolved, no Letter Carrier is permitted on those three blocks.