USPS explains FEHB premium categories for 2017

From USPS News Link:

Are you confused by the premium category rate changes for next year’s Federal Employee Health Benefits Program (FEHB)?

If so, here’s what the Postal Service wants you to know.

fehbLast year’s category 1, which was used for all bargaining unit employees, has been adjusted into two categories:

  • Category 1. This category is for career American Postal Workers Union, Information Technology/Accounting Service Center, National Postal Professional Nurses and National Rural Letter Carriers Association employees.
  • Category 2. This category is for career National Association of Letter Carriers, National Postal Mail Handlers Union and Postal Police Officer employees.

All non-bargaining employees who fell under FEHB category 2 in 2016 are under the non-postal (federal) premium rate category for 2017.

Career non-bargaining employees have paid the same premium rates as federal employees since 2015.

The Open Season LiteBlue site has additional information about FEHB.

  • Sam73065

    I find this article contradicts the GEHA website. I do hope GEHA is actually correct. According to the GEHA website: Postal rates apply to Postal Service employees. Postal Category 1 rates apply to career employees. Postal Category 2 rates apply to career non-bargaining unit employees.

  • JY

    I do have GEHA. This is a good change because Category 2 is cheaper. The only issue I take with this is that we’ve been ripped off for years as USPS pays 85% of the letter carrier’s costs toward health insurance compared to I believe 80% for AWPU. Can a AWPU member clarify please?