USPS Collaborates with Industry Leaders to Share & Promote Marketing Knowledge

From the US Postal Service:

WASHINGTON, DC  Nov. 18, 2016 – We are pleased to announce that the Integrated Media Research Center (IMRC) website ( has launched.  It is a growing archive of research, data, and case studies intended to showcase best marketing practices.  It was developed by marketing and academic leaders to encourage discussion and promote knowledge sharing among marketers worldwide.

The U.S. Postal Service values the effort the industry played in collaborating to create this robust repository of marketing-related research and key case studies. In an ever- changing marketing landscape, mail remains an effective media channel. By providing thorough research and real-world case studies, the site will give marketers access to information and resources highlighting the effective use of mail for customer engagement and retention.

“Consumers’ changing purchasing habits and media consumption habits are giving marketers an explosion of opportunity and data to navigate. We’re now bridging analog and digital, simplicity and complexity, evolution and tradition. Amid this complex landscape, mail can serve as a foundational, tangible element that initiates multi-channel engagement and catalyzes transactions. The IMRC helps fuel insights to meet these market dynamics through research and thought leadership showing how digitally powered mail can fuel a successful omni-channel campaign in any industry or organization type,” said Jim Cochrane, USPS Chief Marketing & Sales Officer and Executive Vice President.

The Postal Service is proud to help promote and enhance the work of this initiative. By leveraging research and data that supports the role of mail in the media mix, we are able to better assist marketers in their endeavors to make well-informed business decisions and maximize their marketing spend.