Top stories of the week November 13-19

  1. Video: USPS removes delivered package from man’s mailbox, leaves bill for postage in its place
    WPXI Pittsburgh
  2. With no one in charge, 9 things the USPS can no longer do as of December 8
  3. USPS responds to attack from right wing lobbyist
    USPS News
  4. U.S. Postal Service Reports Fiscal Year 2016 Results
    USPS News
  5. PRC recommends the President and Congress address the financial condition of the USPS
  6. APWU: In Stinging Rebuke, NLRB Rules USPS-Staples Deal Violated Federal Law
    APWU News
  7. NALC President Rolando’s statement on USPS’ Fiscal 2016 report
    NALC News
  8. USPS offers guidance on overstuffed Priority envelopes
    USPS News Link
  9. Video: Residents of North Carolina subdivision call mail service a ‘nightmare’
    WTVD Raleigh
  10. Video: Is Post Office Allowing ID Theft to Happen?
    NBC Bay Area