Video: Investigation exposes aging postal fleet

PALM BEACH COUNTY (CBS12) — A CBS12 investigation has discovered half the postal delivery trucks in our area are past their prime.

Our investigation started with a tip from a viewer, a postal worker with concerns over the safety of the aging fleet of mail trucks.

Across the country postal trucks are making headlines for breaking down and catching on fire. The dramatic images tell the tale of an aging fleet of mail trucks. The trucks maneuver our streets with hundreds of thousands of miles on them. We flagged one down and found it had tens of thousands miles on it.

CBS12 investigates reviewed United States Postal Service records for our five county area and found half the fleet, 842 of them are at least twenty years old. We found 153 of them are 29 years old, well beyond their designed useful life and then some.

Source: CBS12 viewer tips exposes aging postal trucks | WPEC

  • Bradley

    Yea its like in Westchester Distict in NY, one of the Postmasters was
    telling Safety and HR about how dangerous the vehicles are and how he feared for his employees safety, how did they reward him they violated the whistle blower act and took him out of his office, go report that!

  • Donna Carpener

    I guess someone needs to tell WPEC, AND the Taxpayers Watchdog group they interviewed, that the USPS truck repair budget DOESN’T COME FROM TAXES! – (PJ Carpenter, USPS Carrier)