Massachusetts postal worker allegedly tells man “This is Trump land. You ain’t getting your check no more.”

The Boston Globe reports that the US Postal Service is investigating a report of apparent racist harrassment by an on-duty postal worker, driving a USPS vehicle, in Cambridge, Massachusetts:

usps 1Yarden Katz, a fellow in the department of systems biology at Harvard Medical School, said in a telephone interview that he was at a Shell gas station at the corner of Webster and Cambridge streets around 1 p.m. Wednesday when the postal worker told an unidentified person, who looked to be of Hispanic descent, to “Go back to your country.”

Katz said the worker, whom he described as a white male with a beard, then said, “This is Trump land. You ain’t getting your check no more.”

In his letter to the USPS, Katz included the seven-digit code that was written on the side of the postal worker’s vehicle.

The alleged altercation is similar to other racist treatment that minorities have faced since Republican president-elect Donald J. Trump’s Tuesday victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Yarden Katz’s tweet:

Source: Postal worker allegedly tells man to leave US, calling it ‘Trump land’ – The Boston Globe

  • madfromap

    was he filling up his personal vehicle ? i assume Yarden was a hillary lover and illegal himself . man up and stop being a …..

  • mike

    If you read the article it say USPS vehicle. But you really don’t care cause you insulted him right after that statement. I really feel sorry for people like you who live with such anger and fear. But I guess that’s trumpland for ya. You know what they say about the word assume.

  • madfromap

    Whatever , that guy should mind his own business & if the person had a problem with it he can be a big boy & do something about it

  • Ramon Martinez

    mad, you are a retarded person, a loser by trump’s standard, the postal worker should shut his fu”?%$ng mouth and deliver the mail, period

  • IIlIIl111

    Trump’s loser racist followers now feel emboldened to say what ever is on their feeble minds. Expect more…………….MUCH more.