Mail truck, 3-year-old boy hit by gunfire in Brockton MA

BROCKTON – Mail carrier Levy Joao had just stopped at his Bartlett Street home in Brockton for a quick lunch when a dozen gunshots tore through his neighborhood.

“I just stopped for five minutes to grab lunch, you know?” Joao, 25, of Brockton said. “I heard seven or six. Boom, boom boom. When I came outside there was already cops over here.”

brocktonHe went downstairs to find that one of the bullets had entered through the side of the multi-family house and grazed his 3-year-old nephew’s left leg. Another bullet struck the front corner of his mail truck parked out in front of the home. The incident happened around 1 p.m.

At first Joao and his family thought the boy was crying because of the loud gunshots.”He was crying but we thought he was just scared. But there was a red mark on the left leg that was blood,” Joao said. “It was just a little bit on his leg. He was inside on the first floor. He’s my nephew.”

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