Top stories of the week October 30-November 5

  1. APWU: Retroactive Contract Payment in November 18th Paychecks: Second Annual Wage Increase Coming Soon
    APWU News
  2. Accident leads to mail truck flipping into creek in Ohio
    WTOV Steubenville
  3. Temporary Emergency Committee of the Postal Service to meet on November 15
  4. Post Office hours for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve
    USPS News
  5. Video: Mail carriers in East Bay working late into night due to staffing shortage
    KGO San Francisco
  6. Video: PMG delivers update on election mail, USPS strategies
    USPS News Link
  7. Video: USPS refuses to honor insurance claim until TV news reporter asks about it
    NBC San Diego
  8. Florida letter carrier charged with dumping mail
  9. Trump’s proposed hiring freeze could leave 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year
  10. In Canada, a red dot on your PO box means no junk mail
    The Millstone