Video: Mail carriers in East Bay working late into night due to staffing shortage

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) — Some East Bay communities aren’t seeing their mail carriers until after midnight. It’s an unprecedented situation affecting parts of Oakland, Concord and Berkeley.

A mail carrier, who asked not to identified, was delivering mail Thursday well after 6 p.m. — that’s the post office’s typical delivery deadline. She’s stuck in the middle of major Bay Area Postal Service problems caused by staffing shortages, increased online shopping deliveries, and high cost of living demands.

Source: Mail carriers in East Bay working late into night due to staffing shortage |

  • madfromap

    my office has been understaffed my entire career

  • Lance Richards

    I left this 15 years ago through retirement. Unfortunately the employees, customers and service are still paying the price.

  • burger king

    my office has been overstaffed in management. we have so many that some times, they have to sit in each others lap because they don’t have enough chairs

  • burger king

    don’t you just miss it though ?

  • Hector Cordon

    A major issue not mentioned in this article is the destruction of carriers’ mail standard. The amount required per minute has skyrocketed for at least rural carriers–I don’t know how city carriers’ standards have changed. The old 8 flats/minute and 16 letters/minute is now 10 and 18 and with DPS (automated delivery sequenced mail) that is now 43/minute. Huge volumes of Amazon along with other online packages (Ebay, etc.) has dragged down the last line of efficiency in the post office. Management has pretty much destroyed everything else–the shut down of processing facilities and slashing of job with the entirely predictable delay of local mail from one day to two and three. Multiple meaningless, tedious management reports that don’t contribute one iota to delivery. I’m sure one manager has to report if the other farts.

    The unions have been entirely complicit with these attacks. Just as long as they get their dues money, they are happy.

  • Knot4mensa

    They consider that one of their many perks…

  • burger king

    but it’s kind of weird. the women sit on the women and the men sit on the men. what’s that all about??

  • Knot4mensa

    With our without clothing?
    Either way, they still consider it their perk.
    Maybe they confused “perks” with “perky”.

  • burger king

    well, when I saw them they were clothed. after I left who knows what was going on. I’d just as soon not think about that