Video: Accident leads to mail truck flipping into creek in Ohio

A mail truck ended up nose down in a creek on Thursday evening.

Fuel was sliding along the water as crews scrambled to get everything under control. It was a wild scene along Sinclair Avenue and it was something that could have been avoided.

“People got to use caution because they are making frequent stops. They are always driving slow. People have to use caution in the area,” said Sgt. Robert Bodo, Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Investigators say the man inside this mail truck was hard at work when he was rear ended by a box truck.

“We’ve had a number of wrecks on this road – always scary when you see a vehicle upside down but evidently the driver isn’t injured too badly so he’s pretty lucky,” Herrington said.

Officials say the mail truck driver was taken to a local hospital to be treated. The other driver will likely be charged pending the outcome of the investigation.


Source: Accident leads to mail truck flipping into creek