Video: PMG delivers update on election mail, USPS strategies

USPS plays a significant role in the democratic process by delivering election and political mail, PMG Megan J. Brennan says in her latest “Business Focus” video.“The trust placed in us by every American depends on employees upholding the sanctity of ballots and every piece of political mail we’re asked to deliver,” she says.

As Election Day approaches, the PMG reminds employees that “timely processing and delivery is critical.”

She also discusses the organization’s four core business strategies, which focus on:

  • Delivering world-class customer experiences
  • Engaging, equipping and empowering employees
  • Innovating
  • Investing in the future

Other topics addressed during the video include mailing and shipping price increases and recent stamp releases.

  • madfromap

    How about throwing the CCA’s a bone in this contract and cut out some of this OT that I’m not on the list for . I’ve been carrying for over 20 years and my office has never been staffed properly . We all know PM are useless working less than 40 a week . We had one that worked maybe 20 hours a week tops . Nobody watches them .

  • Knot4mensa

    What a bovine, bloviating bag of bloat!