Top stories of the week October 23-29

  1. Trump’s proposed hiring freeze could leave 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year
  2. USPS expands Surface Visibility program to PVS drivers
    USPS News Link
  3. Florida postal worker caught on camera tossing packages onto resident’s porch
    WFTV Orlando
  4. Video: Neighbors upset with delivery changes after dog chases mailman
    KATU Portland OR
  5. APWU: What to Expect in a Lame Duck Congress
    APWU American Postal Worker magazine
  6. Video: New York letter carrier fired after stealing money from cards
    WHAM Rochester NY
  7. Video: Five Questions with Bo the Mailman
    WHAS Louisville
  8. USPS awards contracts for next generation delivery vehicle prototypes
    USPS News
  9. Colorado Mail Carrier Indicted for Delay and Destruction of Mail
  10. Support for Donald Trump may cost Darrell Issa his seat in Congress
    New York Times