Trump hiring freeze could leave 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year

On Saturday, Donald Trump gave a speech in Gettysburg PA that was billed as a “revolutionary ‘Contract with the American Voter'”.

Although the “contract” didn’t mention the US Postal Service by name, the second item in his “contract” should raise concerns.

Trump promised:

a hiring freeze on all federal employees to reduce federal workforce through attrition (exempting military, public safety, and public health)

nalctrumpNote that the US Postal Service is not one of the exceptions. USPS operations are not paid for with taxpayer dollars, so a postal hiring freeze wouldn’t do anything directly to help the federal budget.

On its Facebook page, the National Association of Letter Carriers points out that “The second item in Donald Trump’s 100-day “Contract with the American Voter” could leave more than 15,000 letter carrier jobs vacant each year and prevent city carrier assistants (CCAs) from being converted to full-time career employees.”

Obviously, the Trump proposal would have similar implications for other employee groups within the USPS.


  • CindyBeveridgeWright

    BS ! This is a monger and you know it!! The hiring freeze is for inter-governmental agencies …not governmental services!

  • postalnews


    My source is Donald J. Trump- what’s yours?

  • Bob D

    We need a reliable source.

  • Richindy

    Yes, in my opinion that’s definitely BS, time to drain the swamp, Justice Trumps Corruption

  • Richard McKeever

    The USPS is an independent branch of the US government. It’s hiring policies and quotas are not subject to Executive or Congressional overview. The number of employee’s the USPS has is up to the management of the USPS and no one else. Trump can say what ever he like’s. But since the USPS is self funding, unlike all the other agency’s of the US government, it sets its own policies for the number of employee’s it hires. Besides who do you think is going to deliver all those packages, Clerks? With revenues of over $62 Billion , I doubt very seriously if they would not hire replacements as the older carriers retire.

  • postalnews


  • postalnews

    I guess you’re right- Trump isn’t really a reliable source.

  • Richard McKeever

    The USPS operation authority of 1976. The postal act of 1976, and the USPS Board of Governors, and the former USPS Post Master Donahue. The source for the revenues, the USPS web site. Your source saying Other wise?

  • postalnews

    You don’t seem to understand how a debate works- if you are making a claim, you must provide evidence supporting your claim. I don’t need to cite a source- I’m not the one making the claim that “USPS’s hiring policies and quotas are not subject to Executive or Congressional overview. The number of employee’s the USPS has is up to the management of the USPS and no one else.” And as far as “fact-checking” is concerned, you haven’t provided any facts- only assertions that you are unable to document.

    Debates work just like criminal or civil trials- the person making the charge or claim has the burden of proof.
    You cite the “postal act of 1976”, but you don’t quote the law or provide a link to the provision you claim is in there. (Assuming there is such a law- I can’t find one!)

  • postalnews

    So you’re saying that , the official Trump website, which is the source we linked to, is “biased in favor of Clinton”?!?!

    You guys really are soft in the head, aren’t you?

    And needless to say, no luck in finding anything to support your claims in the previous thread, eh?

    How do you people sleep at night knowing you’re supporting a candidate who is backed by the official KKK newspaper, and numerous neo-Nazi groups?

  • madfromap

    it was in his state of union address

  • postalnews

    No, it’s not in the 2016 speech-

  • CindyBeveridgeWright

    His plan would exempt jobs in the military, public safety and public health. It is in his 1st 100 day plan!

  • dmoney