And then there were none: last USPS governor’s term ends  December 8

Two years ago the US Postal Service faced a crisis as the Senate failed to confirm President Obama’s nominees for the Board of Governors. That inaction left the BOG without the six member quorum required by law. The board tried to insure continuity, while it still had six members, by delegating its authority to the remaining governors, acting as a “Temporary Emergency Committee”.

bogBut as the Senate continued to stall, and the terms of the governors expired, by last December only one presidentially appointed Governor remained. James H. Bilbray’s term actually ended last December, but he was able to continue in office under a provision in the law that allows BOG members to serve an additional year if a successor has not been confirmed. Bilbray’s hold over term ends on December 8. Assuming the Senate fails to confirm the still pending nominees, the BOG will be down to the two ex officio members- PMG Megan Brennan and Deputy PMG Ronald A. Stroman.

Given that the Postmaster General serves at the pleasure of the Board of Governors, that means that Brennan will be pretty much her own boss- even the President wouldn’t have the authority to fire her! And if she were to leave office for some reason, no one would have the power to name a new PMG. (In that case, the USPS would presumably implement its emergency succession plan, with COO David Williams taking charge- and, like Brennan, reporting only to himself!)

Curiouser and curiouser…

  • Postal Rete

    Just as well that Obama’s appointee’s of Republican privatizers were blocked by Bernie Sanders as like before during Donahoe’s time,they would have not provided any oversight if she plans to continue his initiave to degrade service once the moratorium on facility closures expires next year.

  • postalnews

    But now there’s no one to overrule or even question what the PMG does. And btw- the Republican members of the BOG, like opposition members of any presidentially appointed panel, are selected by the GOP leadership, not the President.