USPS responds to Forbes article on delayed absentee ballots

From the US Postal Service:

Steve Pociask’s opinion piece “Delayed Postal Delivery Means Wasted Absentee Votes,” is filled with errors.

Mr. Pociask has spent the past few months distributing incorrect and misleading blogs about the Postal Service. Here are the facts on his most recent article:

  • The Postal Service has been working closely with state and federal election officials throughout the year in preparation for this election season and we are fully prepared to deliver election mail and ballots to ensure that every vote counts.
  • The Postal Service is advising voters to mail ballots early in locations where state laws permit voters to request their ballot the day before Election Day and also require the ballots to be received by election officials by Election Day. This will ensure that the ballots are mailed in time to be delivered by the state election law deadline pursuant to our normal delivery standards.
  • The Postal Service implemented the second phase of its Network Rationalization program in 2015, which initially resulted in some service delays. However, in 2016 we have made significant improvement in all of our major service categories, and as we finish our fiscal year, we are providing record levels of service in many categories.
  • The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

As we move further into the busy election season and even busier holiday season, more than 600,000 dedicated Postal Service employees will be working hard to process and deliver the nation’s mail. We remain confident that we will provide a safe, convenient, efficient, and effective way for a vast number of Americans to exercise their right to vote.