USPS to hire 35,000-40,000 seasonal workers for the holidays

From the US Postal Service:

To most effectively handle increasing package volume, the U.S Postal Service works year-round to build a flexible workforce.

In 2015, the U.S. Postal Service hired nearly 29,000 seasonal workers to perform as mail handlers, retail associates, some tractor trailer drivers and city carrier assistants.

christmasmailAs we get closer to this year’s holiday season’s increased package volume, where it makes sense we will offer experienced employees additional work hours, as that can be more cost effective than training a new employee for a short timeframe. This holiday season, the Postal Service plans to hire between 35,000 and 40,000 seasonal workers to process and deliver holiday cards and packages to our customers. We have already begun the process and are seeing good response around the country.

Some Postal Service seasonal employees have opportunities for permanent work, and a path to become career employees; and employees do take advantage of this opportunity. The online application process is easy by going to and clicking on “careers” under “USPS JOBS” at the bottom left of the page.

For help with getting holiday mail delivered, the Postal Service looks to recent retirees, inviting letter carriers, clerks and motor vehicle operators who have retired within the last few years to come back and help us deliver holiday cheer. They have virtually no learning curve, and can hit the ground running as they make some extra cash during the holidays… which is great for them, great for the Postal Service and great for our customers.

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  • tabletman

    There having trouble hiring casual MH for $14 a hour in Nashua NH L&DC that they had to up the pay to $16.06 same as Christmas PSE starting pay.

  • Marcus1956

    At the NTX PD&C for 3 years the plant has hired PSEs at about 20 at a time. Most are fired or quit within the first 6 months.

  • hollywood

    I’d quit too .