Report: Three-Quarters of Customers Broadcast Their Frustrations When They Receive a Damaged Package

Seventy-three percent of frequent online shoppers are likely to share frustrations with friends and family when they receive a damaged package, according to a new report from OSM Worldwide. Data from the domestic and international delivery solutions provider reveals that consumers have increasingly high shipping demands and if brands don’t meet them, they may pay the price in negative customer testimonials.

Screen20Shot202016-08-1520at201.36.2520PMOSM Worldwide’s State of Online Shopper Expectations and Actions study, which surveyed 300 U.S. consumers on their e-commerce shopping habits, found that when a package arrives damaged, 87 percent of customers are very likely to contact a customer service assistant. They want packages to arrive in good condition and they also judge brands based on the speed of shipping.

According to the study, a third of consumers would contact customer service if a non-urgent package arrived just one day late. Even after contacting a retailer, two-thirds of consumers will still express frustrations to friends and family members. Beyond word of mouth, 18 percent say they will share frustrations on social media.

“We’ve found that not only do today’s customers have much higher shipping demands, they’re also more likely to complain when their demands aren’t met,” said Gaston Curk, CEO of OSM Worldwide. “We want to help retailers and other shippers understand that at a time when shipping is such a prominent part of the customer journey, it’s increasingly important to define and deliver the ideal shipping experience. When customers aren’t happy with the shipping outcome, retailers risk revenue and brand reputations.”

OSM also found that customers have clear preferences for shipping carriers as well as how often and on what medium they receive status updates. If their preferences aren’t matched by retailers, the study shows that customers may shop elsewhere. Other noteworthy findings include:

● More than 36 percent of consumers prefer one shipping service provider over another when given the choice at checkout, and 31 percent of them would choose not to shop with a retailer because of its choice of shipping service provider.
● To monitor order status, 76 percent of those with a preferred carrier use an email tracking number, 42 percent use email notifications and 31 percent use a mobile app.
● Over half of online shoppers expect order status updates to be as current as every few hours or even more recent.
● Forty percent of online shoppers check an item’s order status at least once per day.

“It’s not surprising to us that customers want to watch their packages so closely,” said Curk. “The expectation today is always quick and cost-effective shipping. When the shopper can’t confirm the status of their order, they in turn lose trust in the brand. Seeing how often customers check on packages makes that risk tangible for brands and they would be wise to improve their shipping experience in response.”

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