Video: Letter Carrier Attacked With Baseball Bat in Pittsburgh Suburb

CARNEGIE PA (KDKA) — A postal employee making his rounds in Carnegie Borough was attacked by two men Thursday afternoon, when one of the suspects slammed him over the back with an aluminum baseball bat.

The incident happened around 2:30 p.m. on Wabash Avenue.

The victim, who is in his 40s, was treated at St. Clair Hospital.

Ron Hatcher, who lives near the scene of the assault, told KDKA-TV’s Ralph Iannotti, “The mailman told me the two guys came out of nowhere, real quick. He told me they wanted his wallet, but they didn’t get it.”

The man was then hit with the bat.

The suspects also broke the window of the mail delivery truck, and then they disappeared into some nearby woods.

“The victim was holding his shoulder, leaning over real bad, moaning in pain, and he appeared to be in shock,” Hatcher said.

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