Video: Another Charlotte area mail handler charged with mail theft

Federal authorities have uncovered a second case of a mail handler allegedly stealing from letters and packages at a postal facility in the Charlotte area.

Dominic Steele was indicted on federal mail theft charges.

Read the indictment here.

Last week Eyewitness News reported that another mail handler, Joseph Kresge, was indicted on the same charges.

“It’s scary,” postal customer Vicky Chapman said, “I mean, we put our trust in the post office and trust that they’re going to get our packages where they’re supposed to be.”

Steele and Kresge appeared in federal court on the same day last week but sources said their cases are not connected and that postal investigators discovered two separate instances of theft.

That has some customers questioning how widespread the problem is.

Source: Federal authorities uncover second case of theft among postal employees | WSOC-TV