OIG Wants to Know: Are the Mobile Delivery Devices Working as Intended?

The USPS Office of Inspector General is seeking input on the performance of the MDD scanners for an audit report:

The Mobile Delivery Device (MDD) is the latest handheld device to be used by Postal Service carriers to track package activities in real time. The MDDs access a wireless network for real-time tracking, thereby creating package visibility that is essential for the Postal Service to maintain and grow its package business.
MobileDevice_600x300AuditAsks_draftcoverWe are conducting an audit to determine whether the MDD program is meeting the intended return on investment as indicated by its Decision Analysis Report criteria.

  • Have you noticed any improvement in the package scanning activities involving MDDs after December 2014? Please explain.
  • Are there enough MDDs for carriers to perform their tasks?
  • Do you think the Postal Service provides real-time tracking of your package? Also, how does USPS scanning accuracy compare to other service providers?
  • Are there any overarching or general concerns related to the timing/accuracy of scanning notifications? Has this impacted your business? How so?

As always, you’re welcome to post comments on this page- but if you want to respond to the OIG, please click the link below:

Source: Are the Mobile Delivery Devices Working as Intended? | USPS Office of Inspector General