New USPS delivery service linked to email addresses

From USPS News Link:

The Postal Service is developing new technology that will allow large businesses and other major mailers to send physical mail simply by knowing a recipient’s email address.

USPS Intelligent Address will use the Intelligent Mail barcode that appears on many mailpieces, eliminating the need to display the recipient’s address or other personally identifiable information.

“USPS Intelligent Address positions the Postal Service as the key link between digital and physical mail, making it more convenient and secure for businesses and consumers to send and receive mail,” said New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin.

During the past year, USPS Intelligent Address has been tested at the district and area levels. The first national operational test will be conducted during the next month.

Employees will receive stand-up talks and training in September to help recognize USPS Intelligent Address mail and learn how to deliver the test mailpieces.

  • Deadman walking

    And if I don’t know who lives where the letter shows up in my dps and they don’t have another piece of mail to compare it to, what do I do with it? Just leave it wherever like a nixie? I’m sure it’s like everything else management does, not thought through!

  • Walkman dying


    It’s got a barcode.

    You’ve got a scanner…

    Think real hard and I bet you can figure it out…

  • Deadman walking

    Scanner doesn’t show address from barcode…..scan every letter how long do I have?