Auto-repair mogul accused of running $30M postal-truck repair scam

From the New York Post:

A New York auto-repair magnate has been getting rich off postal customers by billing for work on US Postal Service trucks that were returned with shoddy repairs or no repairs at all, Manhattan federal prosecutors said on Friday.

090216badrepairs2shIbrahim “Tony” Issa, who owns First Star Auto Repair in The Bronx and shops in Florida, Michigan and Texas, has been generating a steady flow of business by bribing USPS vehicle managers with fancy dinners, vacations and other gifts, prosecutors said.

In exchange, Issa, of Poughkeepsie — who raked in $30 million from USPS in 2012 — billed for work that was not needed or not done, according to the complaint.

He faces up to 25 years in prison for bribery and theft.

Source: Auto-repair mogul accused of running $30M postal-truck repair scam | New York Post


  • JY

    Any relation to Daryl (the congressman)?

  • Barry W Ledoux

    Probably twins.

  • Zeus

    Darrell Assa did use his expertise stealing cars and bullied out the person who started his car alarm company that made him worth $500 million and the wealthiest member of Congress.

  • McCormack

    I worked for this scum bag in Texas as a tow truck driver. Such a crooked piece of trash.

  • No name

    I also worked for this guy in Poughkeepsie ny although I never met him I really enjoyed my job but I don’t feel sorry for anyone who steals from tax payers and another thing he was making so much money off the government and he couldn’t even give his workers medical coverage ..good riddens and don’t drop the soap

  • Someone who knows the truth

    His son is a thief too. Like father like son