Connecticut: police mistake postal worker for package thief

Police in Bristol Connecticut yesterday sent an alert out to news outlets about a suspected package thief- a man seen on a surveillance video taking a package off a doorstep, and walking away with it.

It turns out that the man was a postal supervisor trying to correct a misdelivery:

The police department sent out a video to multiple news outlets of the man, wearing plain clothes, picking up a package from the porch of a Queen Street residence Monday around 3 p.m. The homeowner, who has a video surveillance system, thought the package had been stolen and reported it to police.

The postal worker in the video, a supervisor with the post office, immediately contacted police Thursday when he saw that video and pictures of him taking the package had been released by police to the public, asking someone to identify him.

J.R. White, postmaster at the Bristol post office, said Thursday that the supervisor — who did not wish to comment — was rectifying a mistake made by a mailman. A resident a few homes down from where the package was delivered received an online alert on Monday letting them know their package had been delivered. However, it was not on the doorstep as would be expected.

The supervisor was trying to do the right thing when he drove out to the Queen Street home on Monday, took the package that was wrongly delivered and brought it to the correct home. White said the homeowner who reported the theft had ordered multiple packages and must have assumed the one taken had been stolen.

Police later sent out a correction to the news media.

WFSB 3 Connecticut

Source: Bristol Press

  • Deadman walking

    Where his ID ? Bahahaha

  • HeWho SpeaksTruths

    So he is smart enough to operate a surveillance system but too dumb to track his packages to know what he is getting?

  • IIlIIl111

    CCA’S strike again !!!!! I’d hate to be a Postmaster, the phone ringing off the hook all day from all the mistakes. But hey…….you’re saving money!!!!