Video: No rail, no mail – after 50 years, USPS stops delivery to resident over porch steps

DETROIT (WJBK) – A Detroit homeowner has lived at the same address for more than 50 years without any problems getting mail delivered to his house. But just recently, the letters stopped coming because the carrier refused to come on the porch.

At first Rick Maruszczak thought no mail in his door meant there was no mail to be delivered. But one day when he saw his mail carrier, he was told differently.

Source: No rail, no mail – post office stops delivery to resident over porch steps – Story | WJBK

  • Randy J Kowal

    They should have a handrail or move the box to ground level. All it takes is one fall to end someones career, or worse yet their life. Just be a responsible homeowner and put up a handrail. It snows in Detroit, those stairs would be unsafe when covered in ice and snow. Even shoveled stairs can be a hazard.

  • Bonnie Nicholas-Marlewski

    He should have been notified by PO, but it is a hazard, especially in winter. I’m sure his insurance co. requires a handrail. His other option is to install a box at the bottom of the steps. This is a lot cheaper than paying someone’s wages for many weeks should they get hurt.

  • Eric Domejean

    Put in a post at the base of the stairs, and put a mail box on top.