“Activist for Change” Seeks APWU Presidency

stidmanThe following was provided by Jerry Stidman, a candidate for national president of the American Postal Workers Union. Candidates for national office in any of the USPS unions or management associations are welcome to submit statements or releases to us at pr@postalnews.com.

Activist for Change Seeks APWU Presidency

Displaying j2.pngDisplaying j2.pngJerry Stidman a member of the American Postal Workers Union from Terre Haute, Indiana ramps up his campaign to gain their national presidency.  Stidman, a leading activist for a vibrant public post office with an all-union workforce will champion a positive message for change.

The APWU represent over 200,000 active and retired postal workers.  These postal employees work in the clerical, maintenance, and motor vehicle service areas of the post office.

Stidman said, “We will work to improve working conditions on our workroom floor.  Strive to improve wages and benefits for all of our members.  We will reach out to Congress to launch pro labor legislation.”

He has authored petitions that have been signed by hundreds of thousands of people from across the USA. Most of his petitions are about improving the US Postal Service and present a pro-labor message.  Stidman is also the founder of a popular series of social media pages titled “Save Our Post Office.”

“I believe there is an open window to change the public dialog about the post office.” Responded Stidman, “My administration will work to engage media in new and creative ways.” 

His vision for activism is fresh and creative.  Jerry will expand on ideas started by the current administration and add new ones.

“There is no reason we can’t gain the support of more people for our cause.  Thus we will have the opportunity for legislation that benefits our workers.” Jerry said.  “The right to establish a public post office is guaranteed early in the US Constitution.  We are a mainstream cause.  We must market ourselves to the American people in the same way.” 

Stidman is a firm believer in a more transparent union with greater representation.  He has a strong conviction the individual member has the right to all information not deemed sensitive in a timely manner.

“My goal is for a very transparent APWU National.  Our members have the right to know more information faster.” Said Stidman,“We will work to fill empty NBA positions and improve the grievance procedure.  Our national grievance procedure is slow and ineffective.” 

To learn more about Jerry Stidman visit: www.stidmanforpresident.org

  • madfromap

    were probably going to need change for NALC as well . these 1.5% raises aren’t cutting it . were working harder than ever with these parcels . team lift means me and i also get lots of heavy’s . Im sure back injuries are up just like dog bites as were in 10x more yards with these packages . the trucks can’t fit them . were constantly understaffed and if our union president can’t get fight and win for us then his time should be up . he has had several years and its time for a change . i am a union official so i do my part locally . 59K a year salary isn’t much these days .