President Obama Honors Postal Heritage Day

President Obama in honoring Postal Heritage Day, July 26, writing a tribute to the Postal Service and the workers who carry out its mission. July 26 has been designated Postal Heritage Day because it is the day in 1775 when the Second Continental Congress established the U.S. Post Office and named Benjamin Franklin the nation’s first Postmaster General.

Now, 241 years later, postal workers are continuing the fight for a vibrant, public Postal Service.

Obama wrote:“I send greetings to all those marking Postal Heritage Day.    

“Across bustling cities and rural towns, postal workers have long worked to connect Americans with relatives and loved ones, friends new and old, business and government leaders – and even Presidents. The task of delivering mail is as old as our Nation itself, and enduring snow and heat, rain and gloom, our postal workers have since striven to ensure that the movement of ideas, information, and goods remains quick and affordable.

“On Postal Heritage Day, we are reminded of the rich history of the United States Postal Service and of how far we have come since the first mail carriers moved westward to map out new routes and frontiers of a growing Nation. Our postal workers deserve to be recognized for the essential services they have provided our Nation and for their efforts to ensure minorities and veterans are included in our workforce. I join many people across America in extending my gratitude to all those who carry out the important work of the United States Postal Service.

“As you celebrate the special place USPS holds in our country, I wish you all the best.”