Top stories of the week July 17-23

  1. Hot Jobs: A day in the life of a mail carrier
    KAGS TV Bryan TX
  2. New APWU Pay Rates to Take Effect Aug. 6, Retroactive Pay Expected Nov. 4
    APWU News
  3. Video: Prime Delivery Day for USPS
    WHO TV Des Moines
  4. APWU: Postal Reform Bill Needs Work
    APWU News
  5. Police chief: Postal inspector accused of hiring a prostitute asked for “professional courtesy” from arresting cop
  6. Wilkes-Barre PA CCA Charged With Destruction And Delay Of Mail
  7. Video: Georgia rural carrier arrested, accused of stalking woman on route
    WSB Atlanta
  8. Pickup trucks get USPS stamp of approval
  9. Ohio letter carrier indicted for worker’s compensation fraud
  10. USPS sets record for farthest distance travelled by a postage stamp
    Guinness World Records