Top stories of the week July 10-16

  1. Wait ’til Jason Chaffetz sees this!
    British tabloid says Hillary could go to jail for misusing a USPS flat tub…
    Daily Mail via
  2. NALC statement on Congress’s latest postal “reform” proposal
    NALC News
  3. APWU Contract Arbitration Award Announced
    APWU News
  4. PMG names new Western Area VP, CISO
    USPS News Link
  5. Pickup trucks get USPS stamp of approval
  6. Life Insurance open season set for September
    APWU News
  7. Ohio letter carrier indicted for worker’s compensation fraud
  8. Video: Postal Service slow to replace mailbox destroyed by mailman
    KENS TV San Antonio
  9. Idealliance Report Finds ‘Chasm’ Between Industry and the U.S. Postal Service
  10. Video: Illinois letter carrier hospitalized after multiple hornet stings
    WBBM Chicago