Buffalo letter carrier rescues overdose victim

From USPS News Link:

Letter carriers know the neighborhoods they serve, says Buffalo, NY, carrier John Scive.

“You get to know … when something looks out of place,” he says.

Letter Carrier John Scive

Buffalo, NY, Letter Carrier John Scive, left, with Postmaster Thomas Szklarz at a ceremony recognizing Scive’s heroism.

That instinct led Scive to act decisively when he recently saw a woman slumped over in her running car.

He asked a customer to approach the car with him, and they found the woman pale and unresponsive.

Scive turned off the car, called 911 and stayed on the scene until emergency personnel arrived.

They treated the woman, an overdose victim, and credited Scive with saving her life.

Source: John Scive, Buffalo, NY | USPS News Link