Top stories of the week June 19-25

  1. Video: Amazon Hires USPS Ultimate Frisbee Team to Speed Deliveries
  2. Video: “Mail workers in personal cars, no uniforms”- Texas TV station discovers rural delivery
    KENS TV San Antonio
  3. TSP Tells Feds Not to Panic After Brexit Vote Sends Markets Tumbling
  4. Security video shows letter carrier pepper spraying dogs through fence
    KTRK Houston
  5. Video: Customers question Postmaster’s return to Andrews TX post office after complaints
    KWES TV West Texas
  6. Pennsylvania Window Clerk Charged With Embezzling Money From Post Office
  7. Deadline Nears for PSEs to Sign Up for Health Benefits
    APWU News
  8. Video: Westford MA residents upset USPS stopped delivery over dead tree branch
    WFXT TV Boston
  9. Americans help letter carriers set record with 24th annual Food Drive results
    NALC News
  10. Family of woman who died while working at Pontiac mail facility wants answers in her death
    WXYZ Detroit