Video: Amazon Hires USPS Ultimate Frisbee Team to Speed Deliveries 

From Amazon customer Brent Gregory:

I was surprised to find my Amazon delivery on the sidewalk, so I reviewed the security camera video, and discovered they have found a new way to make delivery more efficient.

Notice the spin on the box to keep it flying level. Well done. The box contained socks, so no harm was done.



  • Sac MVS

    And why was the box left on the sidewalk?

  • Tad DeOrio

    you saw it Looks like the USPS driver didn’t have much of an arm. He should have been able to reach the lawn.

  • leo

    Sunday Amazon Delivery in Action.

  • Andrew Davis

    This headline should change. This is not Amazon’s fault.

  • Thomas Gaj

    He or she should have been fired!!!

  • AK Bauer Strohl

    He is in ttttrrrooooouuuuubbbblllle!!!!!!