Preliminary results confirm overall growth trend for global postal industry in 2015

For the fifth year in a row, the global postal sector registers overall revenue growth. Increasing e-Commerce-related volumes remain a key driver for growth in a declining mail market.

In 2015, the global postal industry registered year-on-year revenue growth of 2.5%, according to preliminary results published today by International Post Corporation (IPC).

gpir20photoHerbert-Michael Zapf, President and CEO of IPC said: “The preliminary 2015 results show once again a positive trend for the postal sector, although the sector grows at a lower pace. In a mail market that continues to decline, postal operators are diversifying into new areas while at the same time innovating in the core business to increase efficiency. Booming e-Commerce continues to drive the growth of the sector even though posts still have the potential to grow their share in the e-Commerce market. IPC continues to support postal operators to leverage the growth potential presented by the developments in cross-border e-Commerce, while at the same time maximising efficiency and quality in the mail segment.”

While mail volumes declined across most markets, mail revenue grew by 0.9% on average as posts continued their efforts to streamline mail operations and increase efficiency. Parcels and Express revenue was up 4.7% year-on-year as e-Commerce growth further boosted parcel volumes.

Complete 2015 results as well as results for the first half of 2016 will be presented in the IPC Global Postal Industry Report to be published in November 2016. The report includes a comprehensive and detailed review of the postal industry, covering 45 postal operators worldwide and analysing key market trends. A publicly available summary, the IPC GPIR Key Findings, will also be published in November.