Caught on camera: Mailman confronted over missing gift card

WOOD TV in Grand Rapids reports that a letter carrier is been placed off duty after a customer traced a missing gift card to him. The customer had been expecting a refund in the form of a $76 gift card. When the card never arrived, the customer complained to the company, which informed him that the card had already been activated and used.

One of the businesses the card had been used at was a local pizza place, which provided the man with the name and address of the person who had used the card to pay for a pizza delivery.

The man went to the address, and was shocked to discover that the occupant, and apparent thief, was none other than his mailman.

Here’s the video:

Source: Caught on camera: Mailman confronted over missing gift card

  • Old Mailman

    The USPS has been hiring large numbers of low paid,no benefit non-career “associates”and the Inspection Service doesn’t even run their names for criminal convictions,this is going on all over the country with many of these employees and the Postmaster General,Megan Brennan does not care,getiing cheap labor is more important than the sanctity of your mail.

  • IIlIIl111

    We got a recent CCA at our office, late 40’s, big belly, always had “problems” when he was out on the street, and for some reason he had a problem keeping his pants up. (They dropped 2-3 times while he was on duty.) But it wasn’t until he was caught urinating in public he was finally let go…………….

    Right now we get the highest ratings of any Gov’t workers from the American public………………but that will change thanks to the low wage, low incentive, low customer service CCA’s.

  • Barry W Ledoux

    Sadly, most of the CCA’s that i have had the pleasure to meet, know, and work with, are not low service CCA’s. Damn shame they all have to be categorized as such. Because of dirtbags like that fella, and management that couldn’t give a damn.