Video: Semi loses load of mail in Renton, Washington

RENTON, Wash. —A semi truck dumped several containers of mail in Renton.The semi was driving through the intersection of Petrovitsky Road at 108th Avenue Southeast when the containers spilled onto the road at about 3:45 a.m. Tuesday.A tow truck driver said he heard a snap before the spill. A broken roller door on the semi caused the containers to fall out.

Source: Semi loses load of mail in Renton | KIRO-TV

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    So the door broke and 18 containers came out because of a defective door. Well, if the load had been properly strapped with two restraining straps at the rear and two every 10 feet or so, the mail would have remained in the trailer. Sure the door helps, but the door is not designed to hold 1000 pound containers from falling out. Good thing it was late at night, and no one was hurt. Nothing like a 1500 pound OTR falling out into your vehicle due to negligence towards safety.